Why Do I Dress?

I have previously wrote I Don’t Crossdress. It that post I argued for why I don’t crossdress, but I didn’t reveal much of why I do wear the clothes I wear. The clothes that fit my gender. This is a woman. As I woman I choose to dress as a woman. Of course this form of […]

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My First Date (11/12/19)

The first thing to say is I am polyamorous. This is I am openly poly. And this means I am attracted to multiple romantic partners, which I express openly before becoming involved. I do have a primary partner, and that is my long time girlfriend of over 30 years. She comes first in everything. I […]

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I Was Hit On

I was hit on by this south Asian guy at a Target three days ago after I got my ears pierced at a Piercing Pagoda at another location and was looking at these bracelets when he asked if I knew what kind of stones were on one of them. I said I didn’t know and […]

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The Trials of Being a Gurl

This post will be about some of the things that I have had and am currently having to deal with in my transitioning. And there are a lot of them in my opinion. And more will probably come that I haven’t even thought of before. For now there is makeup, nail polish, body care (shaving […]

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I am Ignored (My Sexual Orientation)

I am Ignored! This pertains to my sexual orientation not being specifically included in questionnaires, transgender article, and transgender books. So you might wonder what my actual sexual orientation is. I call myself a translesbian, This is problematic in its own way though. So I will discuss this first. And move onto examples I have […]

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What Does Sex Mean?

Don’t I know? Do you know? I ask this question because the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on a discrimination case against two gay men and transgender woman on October 8th. The case involves whether or not Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act applies to gays and those identifying as a gender different […]

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Not Now

In this post I want to talk about things I am itching to do in my journey of transitioning from presenting as a man to presenting as a woman through to living my life totally as a woman. It is present oriented, so in the future these things will have already been done. Maybe I […]

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