Stephie’s Fourth, Yay!

I have now been (as of 11/10/22) Stephie for four years. Sometimes long an trying. Sometimes trying. Sometimes just being me. I started my transition in July of 2019. And, I started this blog a month later. Being Stephie has brought on different kinds of issues in my life along with the usual ones. It’s like serving extra duty. One, which may go without saying since Stephie is a transgender woman, is dysphoria, mostly concerned with my body, not with my gender per se, as I have no problem with being a transgender woman, but my body certainly does, or it did sometimes more, sometimes less. And, sadly it still does today. But, on hold by a lot, by a good lot, by a super lot, I enjoy being a woman, a woman called “Stephie.”

As where I have had most of my transversaries, we (Bette and I) went to Bonefish Grill. They have always been, except for one minor misgender, which was followed by a quick apology (the way it should be done, not profusely like some do it.), trans-friendly, or at least to me. I told the hostess† I was here to celebrate my fourth birthday, she said congratulations with a nice smile. When seated, I told the waiter the same thing with the addition that I would like four candles on my complimentary dessert (for which he got a larger tip). And indeed he did. Dinner was very good, which sad to say isn’t always experience, but for this one it was. We shared an order of Bang Bang Shrimp, and each of us had fish in chips. And, to-da, out came my complimentary dessert with four lit candles.

Here it all is (or at least representative of) in pictures:

† Some will say using “hostess” is sexist and it should be just “host” instead. Yes, they both do the same job. Women probably do more and do it better in the same job at this position. So, here in any case it is a compliment. And why shouldn’t the job be labeled in the first place as hostess with both women and men working this position.


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