My Amazing Progress

I am amazed at the progress I have made since beginning my transition to live as the woman I feel myself to be. I only started to transition to living as a woman in July of last year. And now it is January, and I have accomplished a good portion of my goals for the […]

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I Was Hit On

I was hit on by this south Asian guy at a Target three days ago after I got my ears pierced at a Piercing Pagoda at another location and was looking at these bracelets when he asked if I knew what kind of stones were on one of them. I said I didn’t know and […]

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Out to Dinner

No, not out to lunch haha. So, I went out to dinner. Nothing special about that you might say. But this was very special to me. I will explain why in this mini post. It all started yesterday. I had some time to kill between a doctor’s appointment and the mental health program I attend. […]

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The Trials of Being a Gurl

This post will be about some of the things that I have had and am currently having to deal with in my transitioning. And there are a lot of them in my opinion. And more will probably come that I haven’t even thought of before. For now there is makeup, nail polish, body care (shaving […]

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I am Ignored (My Sexual Orientation)

I am Ignored! This pertains to my sexual orientation not being specifically included in questionnaires, transgender article, and transgender books. So you might wonder what my actual sexual orientation is. I call myself a translesbian, This is problematic in its own way though. So I will discuss this first. And move onto examples I have […]

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