I am Not in the Wrong Body

I’m a transgender woman as the tagline of my blog states. I am pre-op and also am not yet on feminizing hormones (hrt). So, yes I have a boy thing between my legs. I call it my clitty. Okay, go ahead and ask: If you are a woman surely you are in the wrong body? […]

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How I Came Out at Program

As I have written before, I attend a program for my mental health, so this is the program I am referring to. I will give some background about program first. Then I will speak some about the process I used, and something about how that played out. Finally, I will give some of my impressions […]

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What Does Sex Mean?

Don’t I know? Do you know? I ask this question because the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on a discrimination case against two gay men and transgender woman on October 8th. The case involves whether or not Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act applies to gays and those identifying as a gender different […]

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A Battle Won.

While I don’t care for the metaphor so much, it is probably apt in this case. What case is that you might wonder? I went clothes shopping today to look for a few things. I didn’t find what I was looking for – a belt and a hat. But, after not finding any thing I […]

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An Up and a Down

Here is another mini post. I might be doing them from time to time. Yesterday, I wrote¬†A Happy Moment. That was my first one. Okay so I will give this in the order that they happened. The first was in a group I was in this afternoon. What happen was that the leader referred to […]

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