So, this morning (9/23/22) I mailed off to Social Security all the necessary paperwork and documents for them to change my sex marker. This change will eventually go to my Medicare and Medicaid accounts, and so future providers need not know of the difference between feminine name and male sex marker. This should lead to appropriate gendering from medical professionals. If it goes about the speed my name change went through, it will be about 3 weeks for the change at Social Security and another 10 days for the changes with Medicare and Medicaid.

This of course is an important thing, but it does not define my transition. That was at about my 3 year mark. That was when I felt my life was the life of a women (That was my major goal and accomplishing it mark the end of my transition). And, so do many people that I come across. It seems like everyday I’m getting compliments. People seem to love my hats. Just today at PT (just started up again) I got two compliments on my active tee, which has a reddish/purplish color.

So, anyway the wait begins. As I indicate above the whole process could take over a month if not more. But it was a happy day!

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