Stephie @ 3

Stephie (that’s me) turned 3 years old yesterday (11/10/21). Since her birth I have been no other. 100% woman. But, celebrating Stephie’s birthday is actually a double celebration. I have been legal tender for a year. Yay!

As has become the routine I went out to dinner with my partner, Bette, to celebrating my transversaries, which total four. My birthday and legal name change transversaries are celebrated together, since they occur on the same day of the year. The other two are starting hrt (4/8/20) and starting my transition (7/10/19). In time I might group them all together and just pick a day and call it Stephie’s Day. But, for now each significant part of being Stephie needs (I feel), a celebration of its own.

We want to a Hook & Reel seafood restaurant for these two transversaries. I went there for my other birthday this past summer, and enjoyed myself. So, I thought it would be a good place to celebrate instead of continually going to a Bonefish Grill. I had 6 oysters on the half shell, and we split an order of their delicious hushpuppies. Reeling in the cost we had fried platters, instead of boils (shrimp and scallops for Bette and half a dozen blue crabs for me). She got crab cakes and I got the shrimp both with sweet potato fries. I had some of her crab cakes and she had some of my shrimp.

Everyone there was gracious. Are waitress called us ladies several times. Still, I didn’t feel particularly affirmed there. But, these days I do not need the same level of affirmation as I once did. The waitress failed to offer a free dessert as happen on our previous visit. Then, it was a brownie sundae with a roman candle. Being full, I was not to put out, and we settle our check without ordering dessert. So the restaurant part of celebrating was fair, I did not allow it to mar the occasion:


After dinner still sitting at the table Bette gave me a couple of cards. One was a birthday card for age 3, and the other was an add-on I got when I bought the birthday one. That was inside the birthday card envelope along with $40.00 to go out to lunch another time. Yes, I am still picking out my own cards.


The flowers I bought after we left the restaurant.

When I got home I took a full pic of my outfit for the evening as I forgot to take one before we left:

At the end of the day, I am Stephie as always.

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