It’s a Name Thing – 3

Okay, I have written two previous posts on this topic, sharing both the good and the bad (one might think my name is important to me, well like many other, probably most, transgender individuals it is). Since then, my name has been legally change to Stephie Iris. It has also been changed with Social Security, […]

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One Year on HRT

April 8, 2021 marked my one year transversary of cross hormone treatment (commonly know as hrt†). I thought that in this post that I might share some of the results I have had so far. I hope this will be helpful to anyone considering hrt themselves and will be informative to the general public. There […]

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What’s It Like?

Okay, what is what like? What is it like being a transgender woman? I am not talking about what’s it like to live as a woman who’s sex assigned at birth doesn’t match her gender identity, but that internal sense or feeling of my being a woman. It is possible that it is no different […]

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