My Bottom Dysphoria

[Note – Trigger warning—I feel I need to include this because I know how difficult it can be for myself. Also, this could be consider adult content, although it is not filthy by any means, just telling it like it is. On the other side there are those who are not adults that may still […]

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My First Hair Trim

Yay! So, my hair had grown quite a bit as you might imagine as it had been growing for about 2 1/2 years. The day that will live in infamy is September 18, 2021. That is the day I had my first hair trim since I came out to my partner (Bette) in the spring […]

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It’s a Name Thing – 3

Okay, I have written two previous posts on this topic, sharing both the good and the bad (one might think my name is important to me, well like many other, probably most, transgender individuals it is). Since then, my name has been legally change to Stephie Iris. It has also been changed with Social Security, […]

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