You might only see 4 as the 1st on is hidden. I am posting this now so I can link it to reddit.

I have to say since Stephie came four years ago, I have been Stephie although way. But, yes putting make up in case anyone comes to the door, or I want to walk, or a quick trip to the store. Yep, to the ponytail euphoria. I have been growing for four years with two trims about an inch each time. If it flies free it covers my breast. It loses some length, but adds to the euphoria. After finally, learning how to do multiple bands, I got to 4 with the kind that have that wavy cloth around the band. My trick was not to look in the mirror and do by feel. The mirror was screwing it up. But, almost a week ago I was able I got 5 of the braided ones on. I use Scunci brand 3x strength they stay on all the time, even the fifth. And, people are noticing it to even my therapist on Zoom.

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