It’s a Name Thing – 2

Here I am again complaining about my name usage. I first wrote about issues connected with my name back last October in It’s a Name Thing. Back, then not a lot of people knew I was Stephie instead of my birth name (which I am now not using even to refer to me at all do […]

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Earlier this evening I took my first doses of estradiol and spironolactone (spiro for short).   Today instead of an office visit with my endocrinologist I did a tele-visit because of the situation and safety precautions being taken by health care professionals due to the Coronavirus. First the medical assistant came on and ask if […]

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It’s Me

I have been thinking of late about how much more I feel like myself (some would say “true” self) since I began my transitioning to live my life as a woman. It is still surprising to me how much progress I continue make in my transitioning (My Amazing Progress as of 2/16/20). I have started […]

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Coming Out to My Property Manager

Okay, I have been meaning to do this for months—telling my property manager I am a transgender woman. I live in a housing program for people with mental health issues. They have properties that they rent out rooms in the houses, townhomes, or condominiums to people who are diagnosed with a mental illness (mine is […]

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It’s a Voice Thing

“The voice.” Not the TV singing talent show, but an early episode of Doc Martin, where Doc Martin calls a patient’s possible throat cancer case “the voice.” The patient was a singer composer. I don’t and can’t sing, but my voice has become just as important to me as a singer’s would be to them. […]

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Not Now (Revisited)

Back in September I wrote a post about things that I told myself “not now.” I thought it might be good to look back on this post and see what happen with the not nows I discussed. These not nows were going out with makeup and a wig dressed in obvious feminine clothing, coming out […]

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Have You Been Gendered?

[I originally posted this to my blog. But, after some thought I decided I would post it here too. It expresses my view on gender and on transgender people, but I believe it is in part educational, part personal. Hence, I thought it would belong here despite its more philosophical bent.] I have, and […]

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