Dear Santa

[Preface: I used to write a philosophy blog – There I had written two Santa Clause posts. Being a philosophy blog the first post was proof that Santa Claus exists, using the three traditional arguments for the existence of god. It also had an additional proof that Santa exists because it is fun to belief he exists. I demolished the traditional proofs showing that they were ineffective. So much for those proofs for Santa’s existence as my counter-arguments would work because they are structurally the same, hence the ability to use them for Santa’s existence in the first place. The following year I proceeded to give a more elaborate proof of the it is fun argument. This I did fairly well, except at the end I had to admit the proof failed. The following year, 2019, I had begun this transgender blog, and I began a break (still on it) except for a few transgender post from my philosophy blog, Since then I had yet to write a Santa post. So, this post will be the first of hopefully yearly posting of Santa blog posts.]

[Note – this post is more than just a dear Santa letter. I am going to provide an introduction of sort before the letter and a closing thought or two.]

As I wrote in my philosophy blog posts that the main reason (actually the only reason) that I believe in Santa Claus is that it is fun—a lot of fun, really, so I added made up stuff about Santa. I do like to invent things about him in addition to those things that would answer those whose denial of his existence because the apparent impossibilities that are viciously spread about him.

One is he has website to apply for a job at the North Pole. Unfortunately, when I applied I found out he only hires elves. Sound likes unfair hiring practices to me. But, who is going to sue Santa Claus. I think it would put you on the naughty list for the rest of your life.

Speaking of the North Pole, people will ask how can Santa have a workshop under the Artic Sea. It is not actually located there; it just where the portal is to another dimension—The Santa Claus dimension.

I also believe that Santa constantly updates the good/naughty list. So, if you are really good right before Christmas Eve your in good shape. He also might use point totals. Minus for bad behavior, plus for good behavior. Whichever points are greater will decide your fate. If he weights the behaviors, he would use those totals instead.

Now, of course, you need to be in bed and asleep for Santa’s visit. I keep the NORAD Santa Tracker running on my devices, so I know when to hop in bed and fall asleep. I follow the tracker all of Christmas Eve, and regularly update my partner, Bette, of his location. Another online tool that I use is a countdown app on my Kindle Fire. I update her regularly about this too.

Some people seem to think because there are so many Santas at department stores, malls, and elsewhere, that that disproves that Santa exist. They have been deputized by Santa to act in his place to receive gift requests. And, how could Santa possibly deliver all those gift worldwide. Santa is capable like the navigators in Dune who can fold up space, so he doesn’t really have to travel all that much. Plus, Santa has ways of getting parents to give the presents that their children desire. Oh my! Am I saying Santa practices mind control? Maybe I will address this in next year’s post.

I mentioned the Santa Dimension above. I saw a short film last night that said Santa lives in the 5th dimension and is locate in millions of places throughout the universe. Well, well, well. That sounds like a lot more than the Santa substitutes here on Earth.

Okay, on to my letter:

Dear Santa,

I saw you when I was walking through several parking lots going to physical therapy for my neck. You were walking around the last parking lot that I went through. Of course I said hello to you, and told you “I hope to stay on your good list.” Regardless, it really made my day seeing you.

I want to first thank you for last years gifts, both presents and life events. Both were plentiful.

I most really want to have my gender conformation surgery this coming year. As for physical presents I am really looking forward to my hand mixer. I really liked it when you got me a stand mixer. I guess I like to mix things. I suppose these are where my heart’s desires lay this year.

There are a few more things that would be nice. I have wanted an alexandrite piece of jewelry since I first started wearing jewelry. As you know this is my birth stone. And, I love the fact that it is purple. I am thinking of using a steel to sharpen my knifes on the fly (I promise not to cut any tails off any blind mice). It would be a nice addition to my other gifts. A comfy night shirt and pajama set for the winter months would be welcomed along with a longish tunic or two with long sleeves. An extra large fall/winter skirt is another item I am wanting to receive. Well, I could go on and on, but you know. You always know, after all your Santa.

I am trying to be real real good, and hope my goodness merits the gifts you will bestow upon me this year.

Thank you a million times, Stephie Iris ❤️️

I have presented Santa as a male person because traditionally that is what he has been presented as. This does not mean, however, that one could not have a woman Santa, either cis or transgender. That would apply to a transgender male as well. In addition any gender diverse person would serve just as well too. My only argument at the present time that other gender designations are possible is that you will find department store Santa’s who are women (properly deputize of course).

This about does it for my thoughts on Santa this year. And with that I am wishing that Santa brings you all your hearts desires.

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