On Target

{Before I get on with this mini post, I want to announce that this is my 101st blog post. This means I am now over 100 posts on my blog. When I started, I had no idea I would have done so many, but I have. My topics have ranged from various transitioning issues and successes to other topics such as my sexuality and my views on some of the topics that usually would concern the transgender population, especially from a transgender woman’s perspective. I have had a few posts I would consider as advocating for the transgender population; I hope to do more of those in the future. I have even included some philosophical analysis or exploration among some of my posts. I want to thank all of you that have taken the time to view my posts, and especially those that have left comments.}

I got a call from my endocrinologist’s office today (12/21/21. He is the doctor who prescribes my hormones. I did not talk directly to him, but one of his medical assistants. The call was in reference to my recent lab results. The assistant had informed me that a few of my results were a bit off, so I am to repeat those tests. My cholesterol was a bit elevated as well, so he is increasing my Lipitor medication.

Those results were really besides the point as far as I was concern. My main concern was were my hormone levels on target? I was informed that they were. Hip, hip, hooray! I have been waiting for target levels since I first started hormone treatment back in April of 2020, even though I have had results that I liked before. So, I am quite pleased that I finally achieved the hormone levels of a normal natal female adult.

From my understanding my female hormonal puberty will continue for maybe one to three years more. At that point I will probably have seen all the physical and emotional changes I will experience. I have been quite pleased with how the hormone treatment has changed my body. I will not go into all these changes and my progress overall until my two year review this coming April. But, I already have breasts, hips, and thighs I can live with, and that make me happy.

The bodily changes had arrived to the point where they are today by this past summer. What I find possibly more interesting has been the emotional changes that have been occurring over the last four months. It was these changes that gave me the feeling that my hormone levels would be on target.

At the time of my appointment my lab results had been lost by Labcorp, or maybe even failed to be processed. So, my doctor could not discuss my lab results as there were none to discuss. He went through with the physical examination, which did not amount to much—eyes, glands, lungs, heart, and reflexes. He did ask the standard medical questions, especially regarding my hypothyroidism and breast health.

Now, he is an all business type of doctor, not given to smiling. However, I make it my mission to get him to crack a smile. I brought up that I felt my hormone levels would be good because I have had some deeper emotional changes of late. I then added that if I am right you can call it women’s intuition. He smile then, even with the mask you could tell.

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