A Name Change Update +

I had spoken to a person on the phone at Social Security about mid-week. The person I spoke to informed me that due to covid-19 limitations name changes are taking 4 to 6 weeks to process, instead of the 2 weeks I was originally informed when I first inquired to confirm the process needed to change my name there. I was told that indeed I would need to submit the original documents (legal name change court order, state ID or driver license, and birth certificate) and an application for a Social Security card.

I had been logging into my Social Security account online to check to see if my name was change yet. Two days ago, Bingo!, there it was as plain as the nose on my face bringing a big smile to my face to see my name in “lights.” I printed out my benefits letter to have a hard copy of my official name change with Social Security. I showed it to my girlfriend afterwards saying “look what it says,” like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz showing off his medal for “courage.” Indeed, I did so several more times that evening.

And, yes I am proud that this change has occur. It does take an amount of work, and not something you just snap your fingers and presto things instantly change. I had previously wrote about being proud with the things I have done to transition to living my life as a woman in Earning It. And, true to what I wrote there I am proud that I have done the work in order to get my name changed, like I continue to be with other things I have and am doing in my transition.

There are some more things to be done. One, I submitted that evening when I was logged into my Social Security account, a request for a new Medicare card. I am in the process of changing my name for all my financial accounts. Now, I can also contact state social services to have my name change on various benefits I receive. Perhaps the most important one, though, is getting an updated state ID card. Once I have said Social Security card in hand I will be making an appointment to make the name change on the ID. Previously, I had change my sex marker on it as I posted in I am Now Female.

As I haven’t wrote a mini post in quite a bit, I want to report that I submitted a message to President Biden the day after his inauguration on the official White House webpage for this function. I was made aware of this webpage in something I read online, telling how the submittal page included “Mx.” as a prefix and asked what pronouns you use. In the message I pointed out the need for Medicare to finally set criteria for gender affirming surgeries.

Another bit of Stephie “News” as I used to tell an online friend is I have been accepted into a trans* mentoring program as a mentor. Training will begin at the end of February. I was led to apply by a post made on the Google thread for a trans* support group I belong to. I am excited as this will be the beginning of my public advocacy work as you are also required to run workshops for the program’s community in addition to the actual act of mentoring.

I do want to apologize to my readers for not posting anything of late, but I have been feeling under the weather with fatigue, irritability, and depression due to low thyroid functioning. Fortunately, I am receiving treatment (two plus weeks now), and I have started to feel better and well enough to do some writing.

Bonus today! I picked up my new Call-n-Ride (discount taxi program) card with my name and picture ID.

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