I am Now Female

I am now a female. Well, according to the state of Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration. Yesterday (6/29/20) I had my gender marker changed on my state ID card. Actually the ID says Sex: “F.” sexmarkerchange

The process was like easy breezy. You need no medical certificate to make the change. Just declare your new gender. I did need to make an appointment to do so because of the covid-19 restrictions. I had a 10 o’clock appointment, but still had to wait in a line to be screen for any covid-19 symptoms or contact with anyone that has/had it in the past two weeks. By 10:30 I was sitting at the appropriate window getting my ID update for gender/sex.

Unfortunately, they no longer issue your card the same day, but now mail it to you, and just issue you a paper card to be used in conjunction with your old ID card. But they did take a new picture with me in one of my (now four) wigs. So, in 5 to 7 days I should have my new ID card in hand with my new femme looking picture and my sex marked as “F.”

I consider it a kind of a get out of jail free card. I use woman’s restrooms exclusively now when there are no unisex or family bathrooms around. I prefer these as I believe bathrooms should be genderless. I believe in my locale I am entitled to use the bathroom that matches my gender, not the sex I was assigned to at birth. So I don’t really anticipate needing to show proof of that, but still it is nice to have just in case. Also, when the pool opens soon I want to enter through the woman’s area, and so again I will have proof of gender if questioned.†

But, the biggest reason for being happy about obtaining the new ID card is the affirmation I get from a state agency affirming my gender. My gender would still be female as it has without the card, but all the same it still feels so good to have it there in print—Sex: “F.”

Needless to say, I have been having periods of gender euphoria these last two days. I hope to write a post on this new found feeling I have experienced since being on cross hormone treatment for over two months. Yeah!


† I use the pool at my girlfriends, so if denied I will have no recourse, unless she is willing to complain that a trans guest of hers is denied access to the woman’s changing area. If denied, I will not enter through on the men’s side. First, and foremost is I am not a man, and second and really just as important is I couldn’t stand the idea of using the same area as men use for there personal business.

5 thoughts on “I am Now Female

  1. Thanks Tish.

    Next comes the name change which will take more effort, time, and a bit of money. It’s going to be like dominoes though. Legal name change before a judge, change birth certificate, change Social Security, change state ID. The change at Social Security will also enable me to change my Medicare identity, which I will then be able to use for my medical needs, and change things like bank accounts or anywhere else a legal change is needed.


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