Made an Appointment

Yes Stephie did it! She made her first appointment for an endocrinologist. She is schedule for March 4, 2020.

Initially I thought hormone replacement therapy (hrt) was a goal for this coming summer. But, when I mentioned having found a endocrinologist within walking distance of my girlfriend’s my therapist asked me when I was planning on calling. I told her probably after New Years. She wonder why I wanted to wait until then. I told her since the summer was quite awhile away, which was my original plan, I could wait. She basically said why wait. I ended up agreeing with her.

I originally made the call two weeks ago, and found that they accepted my medicare/medicaid insurance, and the person I talked to said she would have the new patient coordinator would call me. I must have missed the message some how because when I called today to find out what happen they did told me he had left a message, but if I held on he could talk to me. After about 5 minutes he came on and we scheduled my appointment.

They have sent me the new patient forms. I will need to send them to them along with my medical record from my primary care provider, who is aware of my transgender status. I see her on the December 4 for another issue, and I will asked for the records then. The other thing I will need to bring with me is a letter from my therapist. I am assuming since it was her idea to get started earlier that she will have no problem writing it. Unless I seriously misunderstood her.

So maybe by the time mid-summer arrives I will begin to see some results from hrt and not just be starting them.

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