I Wore a Skirt Today

I wore a skirt for the first time today out in the wide wide world. I had purchased a black knit with white threading, a-line below the knee style skirt and a black top with silver highlights at the bottom that I got at a Goodwill store on Saturday.

After my morning walk I slowly started to get ready to go out for the day to the program I go to for my mental health. I put on a pair of light black stockings and my skirt, and went and did my makeup except for my lip gloss. I put it on after I put on my top. Finally, I put on my black booties and my anklet on my right ankle. Before I left I donned my mauve knit cap and my nice jacket, put my backpack purse on my back, and shouldered my tote.

When I left I walk a short bit to the bus stop where I waited for a short while. It took two bus rides and a ten minute walk to get to program. I arrived with no incidences. When I got off the second bus I headed to a Five Guys to use a single use women’s room to pee. When I got there four police officers were coming out. One of them held the door open for me. None of them said anything.

At program I got a number of compliments and some encouragement on what I was doing. For the most part I felt comfortable there, except I was conscious of my walk. I wanted to have an obvious femme walk while wearing my skirt, unlike the more subtler sway I try to use when wearing jeans or leggings. Nobody made any comments on my walk, although I didn’t expect that someone would actually do that there.

Going home I walked to the bus stop and waited with two men who didn’t seem to pay me much attention. I had a layover at the local hospital. There I wanted to go to the bathroom, The unisex one I usually use was out of order, so I needed to use a multiple user women’s room. The first one I went to had a male employee changing paper towels, and he began to tell me where I could go. I thought he was going to point me to the men’s room next door, but he was going to show me the women’s room by the elevators. I went in took the first stall and did my business. I was able to get in and out without any incidences (not always a guarantee if your a transperson).

I got on the bus and home with out any negative experiences. This did not include my some of my emotions however. I had gamut of them both positive and negative: from being scared and nervous to being excited and thrilled. I also had a feeling of accomplishment along with feel good feelings through out the day. In general I was happy with my first day out in a skirt.

[Note: I did not take any pictures today, so I offer no pics here. When I wear it again and if I take pictures, I may post them here as an update – no promises. I like to do these mini posts the day they occurred so I am posting it without any pics]


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