Earlier this evening I took my first doses of estradiol and spironolactone (spiro for short).


Today instead of an office visit with my endocrinologist I did a tele-visit because of the situation and safety precautions being taken by health care professionals due to the Coronavirus. First the medical assistant came on and ask if I had any surgeries since my last visit. He also went over my current medications. After waiting like I would have done at a regular office visit the doctor came on in about 15 minutes (lol). First he reviewed by labs and the potential issues with them, including those related to my type 2 diabetes and high triglycerides. He emphasized the issues of taking estrogen and spiro on these and other systems in my body. I felt encourage that he would be prescribing the hrt meds today. Well he did! Later I picked up the prescriptions and left the pharmacy feeling like Stephie’s got it going on. A most delicious feeling.

So these are low doses of each of these meds, and the only things I might expect with the estrogen was softer skin and the spiro could cause breast enlargement.†

This is only one of what I call my mini posts. I plan on doing a regular style post about starting hrt, which will be more detailed.


† I looked this up later and the rate of enlargement is 10% and possibly be uneven. Maybe I should wait and hope that higher doses of estrogen will be a more even affair.

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