It’s a Name Thing – 3

Okay, I have written two previous posts on this topic, sharing both the good and the bad (one might think my name is important to me, well like many other, probably most, transgender individuals it is). Since then, my name has been legally change to Stephie Iris. It has also been changed with Social Security, […]

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It’s a Name Thing – 2

Here I am again complaining about my name usage. I first wrote about issues connected with my name back last October in It’s a Name Thing. Back, then not a lot of people knew I was Stephie instead of my birth name (which I am now not using even to refer to me at all do […]

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It’s a Voice Thing

“The voice.” Not the TV singing talent show, but an early episode of Doc Martin, where Doc Martin calls a patient’s possible throat cancer case “the voice.” The patient was a singer composer. I don’t and can’t sing, but my voice has become just as important to me as a singer’s would be to them. […]

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It’s a Clothes Thing

We all have to wear them. Unless you live in a nudist camp. Can I really have an issue with wearing them? I sure can. It is not wearing them per se, but the kind of clothes that is my issue. So, yes I do have a thing about clothing. There are several areas to […]

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It’s a Name Thing

I was born and named Steven. Up until I talked on the phone with another transgender woman, I had never heard a voice call me Stephie; I only had seen it online in chat. For almost 60 years of my life I was called Steve. Only on July 10 did I here someone say Stephie […]

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It’s a Hair Thing

This is the second in a series of posts talking about issues I am dealing with as a transgender woman. The first post was It’s a Bathroom Thing. Seeing hair on my body results in a range of feelings, going from mild (darn I missed a hair) to distress (why oh why do I have to […]

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It’s a Bathroom Thing

Okay, this is the first in a plan series discussing some issues I have as I transition. I have at least one more post I want to do in this series: It’s a Hair Thing. So, what about the bathroom? For now I pretty much present as a male even though I wear woman’s jeans […]

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