A Battle Won.

While I don’t care for the metaphor so much, it is probably apt in this case. What case is that you might wonder?

I went clothes shopping today to look for a few things. I didn’t find what I was looking for – a belt and a hat. But, after not finding any thing I like at a reasonable price, I decide to check out some size 10 pants. The reason for the belt was my size 12 jeans and leggings were slipping down. The belt is a stop gap method for this.

I chose two pants (10 and 10 petite) and went to the woman’s fitting rooms. The woman attendant looked at me, and I said I like to try these on. Keep in mine I had no makeup on or any head covering either. She hesitated trying to tell me the men’s fitting rooms were somewhere else. I said, “these are woman’s pants.” Again she barely manage to mention the men’s area pointing across the store. I said again, “These are woman’s pants, and I want to try them on here.” She looked at me again, face softening some and said, “Okay.”

Battle won.

I tried on the pants and both fit. I am now officially a size 10. I didn’t buy them because I didn’t really care for the style, kind of camouflage patterns, or the colors, brown or green. But now I was happy (only somewhat because of the cost of buying new pants) to know my new size, more importantly I got to use the woman’s dressing room after being challenged.

Battle won.

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