My First Blog Post – A Snap Shot

This will be a snap shot of myself as I was in November of 2018.

One day I was calling myself Steve, and the next I was calling myself Stephie. After five years of exploring my feminine side I decided that I had no other side but a feminine one. I accepted myself as a woman. My sex at birth was male, and I am still male in body. But my gender is no longer male, it is now female. This is I identify as a female when I look at the gender I am. I will write more as my blog goes on on how I view what gender is all about.

But, for now I will say that gender has nothing to do with your birth sex (male, female, or in between (i.e. intersex)), and everything to do with how you view yourself in a gender role and how you envision your body. Gender has always been thought of as a binary phenomena. But it has never been that. Of course, there are the two cisgender individuals, male and female, which matches the gender assigned at birth. But, there is also a whole spectrum of transgender categories, or non-binary ones.

I started November seeing myself as a male who never really felt like a guy, but also only had been exploring my feminine side for the previous five years, and before then only sporadically. By the middle of the month I identified as a woman—as Stephie.

I would like to report that things were great after that, but like anything good in life there were things that were hard to deal with. Even with the difficulties I encountered I have not looked back.

So this is a little bit about me. I hope to share more of my journey. What it has been like up until the present, and continuing as I travel further along in it. I also plan to use my blog to discuss the transgender spectrum in general and transwoman more directly. I hope you will come along on my journey and possibly enjoy and learn.

Me – Stephie

6 thoughts on “My First Blog Post – A Snap Shot

    1. Thank you Josie. You are the first person to leave a comment that I allowed to be posted. The first was a link to a clothing site. But I want to say how much a I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

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  1. Hello, dear friend, and welcome to yourself. I’m pleased to meet you, Stephie.

    When I resumed blogging yesterday after more than a 3-month break, I wasn’t sure what I’d find. Would anyone see, “like”, or comment on my posts, or had I lost most of my audience? I can say in all honesty that it never crossed my mind that I’d make a discovery like this. And yes, I am surprised. I don’t recall any of your previous posts or our comment & email exchanges ever giving any indication you were going through this category of self-assessment and change.

    When I saw your “like” on my Goodreads review this morning, my first thought was, “What a coincidence! I already have a friend named Steven Williams, now there’s a Stephie… Wait a sec, lemme check something…” And sure enough, there was Baxter on your photos page!

    I’m happy for you and proud of you for having the strength to accept yourself and be open about it. Has Bette been supportive and stood by you, or was this more than she could deal with? I hope the former or that you at least have managed to gather a group of supportive friends about you. Of course, Baxter doesn’t judge, does he?

    I look forward to following you along on your journey, old friend, and wish you nothing but good luck and unsurpassed happiness!




  2. Hi Denny,

    Pleased to meet you too. But, I am still the same core person I was. Yes a change in how I and others perceive my gender has changed and changed a lot. For me it has created a new perspective on some things. That was somewhat surprising, but not unwelcome. As it appears that you have liked most of my post, you probably know a good deal about me that I have chosen to reveal. So far.

    No I had not mentioned it. You might have recognized a more feminine approach to writing. Though, it shares a lot with good philosophy. Specifically, they tend to qualify.

    Your friend, Stephie

    PS – I plan on sending you an goodreads message and share a little more. Specifically, some of the things you asked about.


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