A Review of a Transgender Book.

Transgressive: A Trans Woman on Gender, Feminism, and Politics by Rachel Anne Williams. [This review was originally going to appear on goodreads. but it exceeds the character limit, and I don’t feel like editing it down. So I am posting it here on my blog, which I had thought of doing anyway because of nature […]

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Have You Been Gendered?

[I originally posted this to my aquestionersjourney.wordpress.com blog. But, after some thought I decided I would post it here too. It expresses my view on gender and on transgender people, but I believe it is in part educational, part personal. Hence, I thought it would belong here despite its more philosophical bent.] I have, and […]

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I Different Kind of Reveal

Okay, so I have been coming out to various people, starting this last spring with my girlfriend. In the summer I came out to my therapist. Then, some of my medical providers. In October I came out at program. Over the holidays I came out to my family, and I have gradually been revealing my […]

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I am Ignored (My Sexual Orientation)

I am Ignored! This pertains to my sexual orientation not being specifically included in questionnaires, transgender article, and transgender books. So you might wonder what my actual sexual orientation is. I call myself a translesbian, This is problematic in its own way though. So I will discuss this first. And move onto examples I have […]

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I am Not in the Wrong Body

I’m a transgender woman as the tagline of my blog states. I am pre-op and also am not yet on feminizing hormones (hrt). So, yes I have a boy thing between my legs. I call it my clitty. Okay, go ahead and ask: If you are a woman surely you are in the wrong body? […]

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