Have You Been Gendered?

[I originally posted this to my aquestionersjourney.wordpress.com blog. But, after some thought I decided I would post it here too. It expresses my view on gender and on transgender people, but I believe it is in part educational, part personal. Hence, I thought it would belong here despite its more philosophical bent.] I have, and […]

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I Wore a Skirt Today

I wore a skirt for the first time today out in the wide wide world. I had purchased a black knit with white threading, a-line below the knee style skirt and a black top with silver highlights at the bottom that I got at a Goodwill store on Saturday. After my morning walk I slowly […]

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I will be looked at.

This is about a concern and a goal of mine I have for my transitioning. I plan on a full transition to living as a woman, including my legal name and gender change. It is only natural, or so it seems to me, that over the course of time I will be looked at and […]

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It’s a Hair Thing

This is the second in a series of posts talking about issues I am dealing with as a transgender woman. The first post was It’s a Bathroom Thing. Seeing hair on my body results in a range of feelings, going from mild (darn I missed a hair) to distress (why oh why do I have to […]

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