My First Hair Trim


So, my hair had grown quite a bit as you might imagine as it had been growing for about 2 1/2 years. The day that will live in infamy is September 18, 2021. That is the day I had my first hair trim since I came out to my partner (Bette) in the spring of 2019 when I began growing out my hair.

I decided to use Bette’s hairdresser—to my surprise she offered to pay for it. I had chosen her hairdresser because she trimmed the bangs on one of my wigs and was completely cool about it. Plus, she had a semi-secluded space, which I thought would be good if I had to take of my hat or scarf for her to do the job.

Things change when her hairdresser moved back to a Hair Cuttery, where Bette had initially went to her, from a salon which had a more personal space. When we got to her previous place, we found she moved out of her space. Change of plans. Then, we went to her new Hair Cuttery Salon as she was at a different salon then before. I had worn a scarf, and I found she could trim my hair by pinning my scarf up and out of the way without taking it off. That would have been a know go in front of so many people as the Hair Cuttery was pretty crowded. So, I let her proceed, after Bette had went first..

Because of the scarf we skipped the hair wash, which was no big deal. So, she snipped off about an inch and showed it to me. I was satisfied with what I saw, so she proceed. It did not take long, but I did it! Or she did it.

I had feared this trim almost from the start of when I first started growing my hair out. But, determination saw me through. My therapist told me that when I am determined to do something, I go and do it. She was saying this in general, but really she was speaking about my transitioning.

So there you have it—Stephie had her first trim.

PS – the original place (Symmetry Salon Studios) was LQBTQ+ friendly in my opinion.

PSS – My hair has already grown back to the length it was when I got it trim.

3 thoughts on “My First Hair Trim

  1. Well done, Stephie. Another thing crossed off the list.
    I’ve been lucky in that I still use the woman who used to cut my hair before I came out. It turned out she’s trans-friendly, so other than a short break through lock-down she’s been there all through to advise me on how best to grow it out and look after it.

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  2. Thanks Tish,

    That is nice for you to have hooked up with a hairdresser that understands.. I shared with this hairdresser how I take care of my hair, and she thinks it is a good routine. I wash my hair about 5 times a week using Suave’s Rose Oil infusion shampoo and condition, which says it increases volume. And, I believe it has. I am switching over to a coconut infusion by Suave because I want to keep it healthy.


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