Celebrating Two Years of Transitioning

On Saturday (July 10, 2021) I celebrated two years of transitioning. Yay! Like my one year transitioning transversary I did it at Bonefish Grill. For awhile I was thinking about not celebrating it. Like the waiter at the one year one celebration said “you never get a second first year.” But, then I said, ‘hey, this second year of transitioning has been better than the first.” I was able to build a nice wardrobe, thanks to stimulus money. My hair has grown out enough that wearing wigs are no longer a necessity. And, my hormone treatment has shown significant results from breast to hips to a more feminine face. Yay!

As with my three previous transversaries that I celebrate there, the hostess and waiter, were so affirming. The hostess almost appeared ecstatic, and the waiter was very warm and welcoming. Later he would bring out a macadamia nut brownie dessert with a candle free of charge.

So here I am ready to go:

It was the same dress I wore at the first year celebration, but no wig and wedge heels replaced high heel pumps I wore then.

This was a selfie I took once we were seated:

I call it my happy face.

As last year I picked out the card Bette was to give me. Here it is:

So, I celebrated another year of successful transitioning. What will my third year bring? With fingers crossed bottom surgery would be nice.

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