I am not a Guy

Everyone got that. This is my response to being included in the phrase “you guys” or it’s use at all in mixed company. “Oh, don’t be so sensitive Stephie, it’s not meant to misgender anyone, it is just a common phrase you use to address a group.” Well, I will, hopefully, explain way I am […]

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I got my first transphobic reply

Okay, I am giving no details. It was on a discussion site. But, he (most likely) got just about everything wrong. And why he posted to my comment, which never mentions specifically that I am a transgender woman, which was what he was attacking is not clear. But, this person not only posted it to […]

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A Daughter and Her Father

And Her Mother Too. A little over a year ago during the holidays of 2019 I came out to my parents as a transgender woman. It was well received by my father. Although, he did point blank ask if I was on hormones, and what I was going to do about my hair. My mother […]

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