It’s Legal, Yay!

After initiating a legal name change this summer I am legally Stephie Iris. I posted about what had transpired so far towards this destination in One More Step to My Legal Name Change. I left off there at the publication of the legal notice of the petition.

Thursday I decided to check the progress of my case, and I found that the judge had signed the order on Wednesday:

This court order is beginning of the name change process. It does make my name legally Stephie Iris, but now I must change my name with Social Security. A gateway to changing my name on many of my other ID’s and organizations I deal with. This is in addition to being able to use my new name for insurance purposes. This must be done prior to changing my name with my medical providers, even though they already use Stephie as my preferred name. To change my name on my state ID card it must be changed at Social Security first. I also have various benefits tied in one way or another with the name Social Security has for me. Other places do not have my legal name coinciding with the name Social Security has for me are financial institutions. I know at least one requires it, one does not. Then, checks would have to be reordered and cards reissued.

A lot of work ahead still to do. But, I deem it well worth it.

A note to those that are curious. My legal name change does not affect my sex at Social Security or on my birth certificate. For these you need doctor documentation that you have undergone the proper medical treatment. The only ID that has my sex on it is my state ID card, and it already has me as female (I am Now Female). My insurance cards do not list sex. Still in the long run it will be worth it. There is no cost with Social Security, but to change my birth certificate would involve a fee.

2 thoughts on “It’s Legal, Yay!

    1. Thanks Tish,

      I appreciated how you are always supportive of me, as I only hope to be for you.

      It is certainly great news, but as I wrote in the post. It is just the first step. But, I know as I know I breathe air I will get there.



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