Stephie’s Two Year Birthday Celebration

Well, Stephie’s been alive for 2 years, and she is feeling great. 

So this past Tuesday (10/10/20) marked the 2 year anniversary of having fully recognized myself as a woman. There had been thoughts about it before, but this date marks a complete break from any previous gender identity I may have been carrying around on the outside and what may have been there on the inside. But, this post is not about how things transpired (see I Became Stephie for that), but about celebrating that day for her. 

To celebrated my girlfriend, Bette, and I went out to a Bonefish Grill for a nice dinner, as well as a restaurant where it wouldn’t be out of place to get all dolled up. This is shortly after arriving.

When the waiter came to the table for the first time, I told him that we were there for a celebration. I suppose he didn’t want to seem inquisitive because he didn’t ask about what. His second time back to the table with our Bang Bang Shrimp (very tasty if you have never been there), I ask, “Aren’t you curious what we are celebrating?” He said, “I was curious.” Then I told him, “I am celebrating two years being Stephie.” He congratulated me and ask “if I would like cake.” I said, “yes.” 

The dinner was lovely. We both had the Mahi Mahi and grilled shrimp, but different sides. I was enjoying the experience as much as I had enjoyed the celebration of one year of transitioning (My One Year Mark of Transitioning Celebration). After we finished eating are main course, we settle on their carrot lava cake.

I asked the waiter to have two candles on the cake. He said he would, and he did obliged. When he came back with the cake he had a lighter, but I ask if we could wait until Bette came back for the woman’s room, so he just left the lighter. When she got back to the table I lit the candles and got these pics right afterwards:

Blowing out the candles
Smiling afterwards

After getting the check, not only was there no charge for the cake, there was also no charge for my ice tea either.

While I waited for the waiter to come back with credit card receipt I went in the bathroom and couldn’t resist taking this selfie in the full length mirror. Lol.

On our way out the waiter was by the door and said “bye Stephie.” I thought that was awful nice of him to use my name like that.

When we got home I wanted some other pics, so Bette obliged, and took these pics.

If Bette was feeling better she thought we could have gone to Aldi together after we got back. This spoke to me as saying, “hey, I am comfortable being seen with you, even in heels!”

Stephie had a wonderful day. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Stephie’s Two Year Birthday Celebration

    1. Thanks Tish. If they would be doing things the right way to control this epidemic. the restaurant would not have been opened at all.

      I’m afraid though that the government is afraid to put the brakes on the economy again. If they don’t act soon, it will suffer anyway. But with you know who still in the White House until January 20th, it is unlikely to come from the federal level. And as we were discussing on your blog,, here in the US states are not compelled to follow government direction. It would take an act of Congress, and that doesn’t seem likely at the moment.

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