One More Step to My Legal Name Change

This will be a short post (a mini).

My petition to legally change my name from my birth name to Stephie Iris (same last name) was filed on 9/8/20. On 9/10/20 they mailed my case number to me. The notification of publication was filed and copies mailed on 9/22/20. Also on this date the publication notice was faxed to the newspaper I chose to have it published in. They refaxed it on 10/13/20.

I had finally fetched my mail from my official residence, where I am hardly ever there because I spend most of my time at my girlfriend’s place, this past Tuesday (10/20/20). I picked up the notices for the case number and publication notice. When I got to my girlfriend’s I went online to search the newspaper I chose for a number of the last few editions, and found nothing. That was when I looked up my case online and found the information above. Knowing they had recently refaxed the notice to the paper, I decided to call the paper and inquire about the situation. After trying several numbers and leaving messages I reach a live person. I explained my situation, and the person I talked with looked up my account and said it would be published on the 22nd.

Yesterday, I went to their digital edition for this date and found it. The following is the first paragraph of the notice:

If no one objects by 11/6/20, it will go to the judge to sign the petition. This is what I expect as very few people know of my name change petition, and they all support it, including my father who payed the legal and publication fees.

Stay tuned for my grand announcement.

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