Starting Voice Feminization Training Again

This is my first mini post in quite awhile. It is not exactly that I have had nothing to write about that is happening in my life as I continue to transition. I guess nothing has moved me to write as what happen this Thursday morning(10/8/20).^ This could go under the heading of super excited, and maybe that is why I decided to do this post.

Thursday morning I was going through my inbox to my main email account for the second or third time and came across an email from the UDC Speech Lab, where I had started voice feminization training in the spring, but it was suspended because of covid-19 restrictions. In the email was a protected message in some Microsoft format. I started to get a bit anxious, but hoping it would be about starting the training again via tele-sessions.

But damn, I could not open it. I did figure out that I would need to use Microsoft’s Outlook email app to view it. However, I could not logged into my email account with it on my laptop. I tried multiple email addresses and passwords I had stored. None of them worked. At this point I am thinking about emailing back my situation, but decided to push on. I search for apps that might allow me to view it. Still, no success. At this point I start to compose my email message. But, one more idea came up, and this was to try and use Outlook on my phone. This required that download the app and install it. After that was done, I was actually able to log into the right email account. But, damn that didn’t work either. The email was there with the attached protected message, but I still could not view it.

Okay, so I finally finish my draft reply. And, with no other ideas of what to try I sent it. It wasn’t long before I got a response. In it, the professor and head of the voice training program, clearly stated what was in the message as I asked her to do. It was an appointment time for my first tele-session. There was no doubt that I would accept it no matter when it would be. It will be this coming Wednesday (10/14/20) at 1 pm. This does overlap with a regular tele-group that I attend. No debate—voice training for sure.

I will most likely be posting about this session and possibly the first few ones.

^ This is also my 6 month cross-hormone treatment anniversary.

4 thoughts on “Starting Voice Feminization Training Again

    1. Thanks Tish. I have a bit more confidence in my ability to change my pitch from when I first started at the lab in the Spring. Part of that confidence maybe is because I no I can get into the feminine pitch range and being properly gender on the phone at times.


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