My First Trans* Support Group Visit

On Sunday (8/2) I went to a local Trans* support group for the first time via an internet connection (video group). When I started my voice feminization training at a local university, one of the first things suggested to me by the supervising speech pathologist was to go to a local support group. Previously, my only contact with other transgender persons was at some internet sites that I belong to. They were good in their own way, and at the time of the professor’s suggestion, all I felt I needed. As usual upon suggestions of a major type I took time to process it.

But, once I had made up my mind to attend, the in person meet ups at a church in the county where I live, were being placed on hold because of covid-19 concerns. This meant, of course, that I could not attend in person. At that time I did not know they were offering or would offer online meetings. I had emailed them at one point, and on Sunday (8/2) I received an email from one of the co-facilitators (this is a peer led group), informing me of the online meetings. I replied and received the link to join them. I signed into the group promptly at 2 pm.

The group was welcoming after I got my bearings. One thing I needed to get used to was the percentage of group members who were non-binary. For some reason (or wishful thinking) I had expected a majority of transwomen. Regardless of the makeup of the group, I did enjoy participating. As is usually the case in these new type of situations I jumped right in and shared quite a bit. Only, being careful not to share too much. Or to talk for too long a period of time.

Still, it leaves me physically isolated, which has actually grown greater as time moves on, from other trans persons. Eventually, this will change, and then I can feel a level of connectedness with other trans individuals that I have not had yet.

So, I am definitely planning on attending more meetings.†

† I have already attended two more groups since originally writing the draft of this post, which I meant to post in a more timely matter.

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