Legal Name Change is on Its Way

Well, I have been contemplating making a legal name change for some time. It wasn’t a priority when I first started transitioning last July. I guess the stimulus for thinking about it was the stronger dysphoria over having to use my birth name at times after I started cross hormone treatment in April. I say stronger because is had been there before, but my reactions towards it were milder. It is now strong enough that I can dread making a phone call in which I have to use it at times. My decision to go for bottom surgery made in June was another factor.

Last month I had my gender marker changed on my state ID card (I am Now Female). While this was affirming and certainly brought on moments of gender euphoria, the ID starkly uses my birth name. But, it also led to a greater desire to get my name legally correct, although in Maryland it is legal to use your name, but you still need it legally mandated for the important documents: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, financial institutions, and doctors (even though mine have all agreed to use Stephie as my preferred name).

So, my name is bothering me more and more. I tell myself, “patience my luv.” Because I mailed the petition for a court approved legal name change two days ago. Yippee!



4 thoughts on “Legal Name Change is on Its Way

  1. Thanks Tish,

    Normally, it take about 3 months, but with the covid-19 restrictions it could take 4 or so, but the person in the Family division I spoke to it will be definitely done by the end of the year.

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