My First Visit to the Endocrinologist

My last post was about a HRT† recommendation letter I received from my therapist. In this post I will try to describe my actual first visit to the endocrinologist.

First I was nervous as all get up this morning. I have dealt with a lot of anxiety in the past, but got over it about 6 years ago. And the anxiety this morning felt as if I was living back then. I was actually a little shaky. But, I manage to compose myself and walk over to the doctor’s office (13 minutes, excellent way to reduce stress by the way).

The receptionist was very pleasant, but I would not necessarily say friendly. So, this also had a calming affect on me. I was ushered into the exam room where the medical assistant or nurse took my weight, pulse, and blood pressure. He also review my medicines and family history. Later the doctor was to repeat this.

I did not have to wait long and the doctor enter the room. I am now confused over the order of events. I know he look at the recommendation letter. It must have been acceptable because he didn’t ask about things that were in the letter. This was the informed consent necessary to receive treatment. He assume that I was already informed. He went over the hormones I would receive if my blood work turns out okay. I think it will. My glucose maybe slightly high, along with cholesterol and triglycerides, which can fluctuate but are not to much of a concern to my primary provider (who is supportive of my decision to seek HRT).

He also covered my goals, asking about top and bottom surgery. He also suggested electrolysis for my facial hair. What a gurl, willing to go through that type of procedure. I did find a organization where you can apply for financial help with electrolysis.‡ He also went over the blood monitoring necessary during treatment. I found out the anti-androgens can affect the pituitary gland and prolactin is monitored during treatment. I already knew of the other issues.

So I was given the lab orders, which I have made an appointment for Friday morning at a nearby lab. My follow up appointment is in early April. If all goes well with the lab tests, I should leave with scripts in hand. How many fingers can I cross for this one. I appreciate all finger crossers for me too.


† Hormone replacement therapy.

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