Did I Hear My Name

This is another of my mini posts. It describes another first for me. One that actually took me by surprise. Let me briefly tell you about it.

I was at my pharmacy getting a prescription of gabapentin for my carpal tunnel syndrome pain. I had been trying to get an increase from what I take for my neck and had been unable to because my insurance was not willing to pay for taking two strength gabapentins at the same time. In order for me to get the stronger strength the prescription needed to indicate that I was to stop the weaker strength ones. This had gone on for three days.

I was notified yesterday by patient portal that the correct prescription had been sent in. I called the pharmacy to confirm this, and there was no answer just a continuous ringing. Since it was only a ten minute walk to the pharmacy, I decided to just walk over there. It was indeed sent in correctly, and my pharmacist filled it right away. She is very good to me and my girlfriend.

With pills in hand I decide to get some ice cream for dessert since the pharmacy was inside a grocery store, and I had not baked a dessert in several days. I should say that when my prescription was ready she told the tech to ring up Mr. Williams. My heart sunk a little, but my legal name is written on all my prescriptions because it is the name that is used for the insurance that covers them, so I thought, oh well. Also, my pharmacist knows my preferred name, but I do not think the tech knew. Well, I was walking toward the ice cream aisle, and what did I hear over the store intercom?—”Stephie Williams please return to the pharmacy.” A big smile appeared on my face as I walked back to the pharmacy. I had another prescription that was ready.

When I got home I thought to myself and declared to my girlfriend that I had been paged by intercom in a store for the first time using my name: Stephie. I began to feel incredible. It might seem like such a small thing, but my name is important to me, so to me it was a big big deal. I am actually working on a second “It’s a Name Thing” post currently, which explores the use of my legal name.

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