Have You Been Gendered?

[I originally posted this to my aquestionersjourney.wordpress.com blog. But, after some thought I decided I would post it here too. It expresses my view on gender and on transgender people, but I believe it is in part educational, part personal. Hence, I thought it would belong here despite its more philosophical bent.] I have, and […]

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Did I Hear My Name

This is another of my mini posts. It describes another first for me. One that actually took me by surprise. Let me briefly tell you about it. I was at my pharmacy getting a prescription of gabapentin for my carpal tunnel syndrome pain. I had been trying to get an increase from what I take […]

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Why Do I Dress?

I have previously wrote I Don’t Crossdress. It that post I argued for why I don’t crossdress, but I didn’t reveal much of why I do wear the clothes I wear. The clothes that fit my gender. This is a woman. As I woman I choose to dress as a woman. Of course this form of […]

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My First Date (11/12/19)

The first thing to say is I am polyamorous. This is I am openly poly. And this means I am attracted to multiple romantic partners, which I express openly before becoming involved. I do have a primary partner, and that is my long time girlfriend of over 30 years. She comes first in everything. I […]

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I am Not a Sir

I have had this post on my mind for a number of weeks. It was then that I decided to correct anyone calling me sir or any other male form of address. It does not happen frequently like every time I am out. But, it does occur regularly. Enough to bother the heebeegeebees out of […]

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A Lovely Surprise

On Monday I had a wonderful day. Something happened that I had not experienced before as a woman. As a gurlfriend often says, “it is without words.” Nonetheless as a wordy gurl, I will proceed to relate what happen to me. I was at the program I attend three times a week for my mental […]

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OMG* Another Appointment

Okay, so I wrote about making an appointment with an endocrinologist (Made an Appointment), and I wrote about being on the waiting list for voice feminization therapy (Yeah! I am on a Waiting List). So, you will never guess what happen? Hehehe. I was sitting in a journal therapy group today. Not that it is […]

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I Was Laughed At

This was the first time I was aware of open discrimination against me. This happened today. I will briefly describe what happen, how I responded, and what I thought about it after. I was in a grocery store going past the aisles and a group of 4 kids (from about 6 to 12) laughed as […]

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