My Transitioning Goals for the New Year (2020)

I hope to make the same amazing progress that I have made since July 2019 (see – My Amazing Progress). This includes going out in only woman’s clothing and with makeup on on a full time basis. I was able to do the makeup thanks to my girlfriend teaching me how to do it and helping me choose the right foundation and blush. We clash sometimes on eye shadow, but I have pretty much followed her advice. Maybe, being able to do my make well had something to do with the level of comfortableness I have achieved presenting as a woman in public. Being comfortable was one of my first concerns when I started to transition. Another reason for being comfortable with it is it just feels right to be dressed appropriately as a woman.

So, what do I have in store for the new year? Probably the biggest goal is to start hrt.† I already have an appointment with an endocrinologist in March, and maybe sooner if there is a cancellation. My therapist is going to be putting the recommendation letter together soon. She has already research what needs to go in it. Hrt will allow me to have a more feminine appearance. This will require a period of adjustment to say the least. I can expect physical changes and possible emotional changes as well. I am hoping to be comfortable with having the changes, I can’t see why I wouldn’t be able to do this. The major ones I desire are small breasts and more fat to my butt and away from my tummy. The breasts are mainly for me. I could always stuff a bra or use breast forms to present with breasts in public if I desired, although I do hope they show some, I really want to know I have them. I sit and imagine I have them, and it feels so good. A bigger butt is mainly so I will look more feminine in public, although unfortunately hrt will not give me wider hips, and I will still have to concentrate on the feminine sway of my ass.

Another goal I have is to do voice feminization therapy. I have found a local university that offers it for free, working with graduate students that is easily accessible by bus and subway. I am on their waiting list for January, but have not heard from them as of yet. I see a more feminine voice as essential to my presentation as a woman. What good is it to look more feminine and be able to present that way if my voice sounds masculine. It is easy to be read‡ that way, and already I am being misgendered on the basis of my voice.

So these are the two biggies as far as my transitioning is concerned. But, I would also like to continue to grow my wardrobe. Like buying spring attire. Maybe a flowery dress would be nice with some open top flats. I am also slowly growing my jewelry collection, and I just got my ears pierced with pearl starter earrings that match one of my birth stone. More earrings will be nice, and I am also getting a necklace soon.

The last of the goals, which is actually tops is not presenting in unisex mode anymore. This has been necessary at times. I absolutely refuse to be in guy mode and want to be in full girl mode all the time.

So, there you have it. It sounds like Stephie’s got her work cut out for her, but hey I am up to the challenge. Life is far richer with all that has happened to me, and what I expect to happen in the future.


† Hrt is the acronym for hormone replacement therapy, which for male-to-female transgender individuals like me usually involves both an estrogen and an anti-androgen.

‡ Being read is the general term used when you are recognize as your sex assigned at birth instead of your true gender. This can be agonizing for many transgender persons. like when I am called sir, although I would not say my level of agony is super great, but great enough that I know I don’t like it..

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