I Was Hit On

I was hit on by this south Asian guy at a Target three days ago after I got my ears pierced at a Piercing Pagoda at another location and was looking at these bracelets when he asked if I knew what kind of stones were on one of them. I said I didn’t know and ask if he was getting one for his wife or girlfriend (he was not wearing a wedding band) attempting to be friendly. He fumbled and eventually said girlfriend. I started to walk away and he walk a bit with me and asked if I would like to do coffee sometime. I politely said no thank you and told him I was going to get some popcorn and walk away pushing my cart. He did not follow, so I felt safe. I also had my pocket can of mace. But, I couldn’t believe Stephie actually got hit on. Too bad it wasn’t a gurl. Of course online I would have told him to fuck off, but I know their intentions there, and for all I know he was a lonely guy who found me attractive. I have know idea if he knew I was trans. But I will admit, while I am not sexually attracted to guys, it was pretty flattering.

2 thoughts on “I Was Hit On

  1. When I first read the title I was fearing you had suffered some kind of attack. It seems to me like this was a positive experience – I know you are not into men but the feeling seems to have been positive, Very cool!!


  2. Thanks for your concern Carlos. I believe the title is the phrase use when someone makes a pass on you. When I lived in guy mode because I did not know any other way I was never hit on but once, but that was all it took to give me confidence to hit on the girls. While I neither desire or would I try to hit on a guy, or ciswoman for that matter, it has given me confidence that I am presenting as a woman in a way that makes me attractive, whether that attractiveness is based on my being seen as cis or trans. It doesn’t really matter, although I admit to curiousness as to whether he saw me as cis or as trans or as a guy in woman’s attire.


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