Out to Dinner

No, not out to lunch haha. So, I went out to dinner. Nothing special about that you might say. But this was very special to me. I will explain why in this mini post.

It all started yesterday. I had some time to kill between a doctor’s appointment and the mental health program I attend. So I went and checked out a thrift store for the clothing section, which was conveniently on the way. I had been in there before and never found anything I actually liked. But this time it was different. This sweater dress caught my eye. I thought it was very nice looking. I took it off the rack and placed it against my body. I liked it but I thought the sleeves were rather short. So, I put it back and went on my way.

When I got up this morning I thought maybe if I wore a long sleeve blouse and tried the dress on top if it it would work. Well, I got there before program, leaving a little early to do so. I got there and at first did not see it. Then, I saw it, and then I saw another. So I took them both. Then, I decided to look at the skirts. Saw one of those too. So, I went to try them on, and all three fit well, and I binged and got them all for $25.

When I got home I put on a fashion show for my girlfriend. I had the idea coming home on the bus to take her out to dinner and wear my new pretty sweater dress. The sleeves looked find when I had tried them on without the blouse, so I did not wear it when I showed my girlfriend. I had already had a pair of stockings on under the slacks I wore out during the day. I put my booties back on with my anklet showing above them. I put on my wig and touched up my makeup. After donning my Santa helpers hat, I was ready to go.

We didn’t go far. We went to a hibachi grill and sushi buffet. Who knows what people were thinking. Did they no I was trans, or maybe just a guy in drag (far worse of the two). Or maybe, they thought I was a woman. I didn’t really care. I was out as pretty (we won’t say exactly how pretty) as I ever had, and it was the first time I had been out to dinner all dolled up, wearing a dress or not.

So there you have it I went out to dinner tonight.

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