I Don’t Crossdress

Odd title for a transgender woman, maybe. But, I don’t believe so. This is a rather short post, It basically presents my case as to why I don’t crossdress or identify as a crossdresser.

There was I time when I would have said yes to the question – do you crossdress?Basically, I did not have the gender sense that I have now. There were times when I felt feminine while dressed in woman’s clothing. I started my dressing in earnest five years ago. As time went on the feminine feelings increased, and I was even feeling feminine when I wasn’t dressed. Last November—something clicked in my mind. I no longer felt like a guy, although honestly it had been many many years since I would say I felt like that. More importantly I felt as if I was actually a woman. Yes I still had my male body, but I could only identify as a woman in gender terms. I had come to a place where I became a transgender woman.

Even after last November, it didn’t occur to me that I wasn’t crossdressing. But several months ago, I felt that since I was a woman, albeit a transgender one, I was wearing the appropriate clothing for my gender, even though I still on occasion dressed in guy clothes, mainly for social reasons. For some weeks now I have worn nothing else other than clothes sold as woman’s. A good deal of my clothing articles are pretty plain vanilla, which do not draw much attention to myself. Still, I knew I was wearing woman’s clothing even if others might not be able tell in certain clothing selections I now wear.

Matter of fact what clued me in to the idea that I was not now crossdressing was when I was wearing guy clothes, it was then that I felt like I was not wearing the clothes that fit my gender. So, the opposite must be the case. When I am wearing woman’s clothing (again all I wear now), I feel like I am dressing appropriately, and therefore not crossdressing, hence I am not a crossdresser anymore. One because I no longer wear man’s clothing, two because all I wear is woman’s clothing, and three (most important) because I am a woman.


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