I Don’t Crossdress

Odd title for a transgender woman, maybe. But, I don’t believe so. This is a rather short post, It basically presents my case as to why I don’t crossdress or identify as a crossdresser. There was I time when I would have said yes to the question – do you crossdress?Basically, I did not have […]

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Not Now

In this post I want to talk about things I am itching to do in my journey of transitioning from presenting as a man to presenting as a woman through to living my life totally as a woman. It is present oriented, so in the future these things will have already been done. Maybe I […]

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It’s a Hair Thing

This is the second in a series of posts talking about issues I am dealing with as a transgender woman. The first post was It’s a Bathroom Thing. Seeing hair on my body results in a range of feelings, going from mild (darn I missed a hair) to distress (why oh why do I have to […]

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It’s a Bathroom Thing

Okay, this is the first in a plan series discussing some issues I have as I transition. I have at least one more post I want to do in this series: It’s a Hair Thing. So, what about the bathroom? For now I pretty much present as a male even though I wear woman’s jeans […]

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