Stephie Blooms

The first thing to say is I am a late bloomer. I am 60 years old. But even so, me, Stephie has bloomed. It was basically a five year process after my depression and anxiety had lifted, and I became mentally well, not just symptom free. Over these five years I gradually recognized that I […]

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My First Photo Shoot

On Saturday August the 3rd, I did a photo shoot all dolled up for the first time. It was an assignment from my therapist, now my gender therapist. She wanted me to get an idea of how I would look in a wig and makeup and dressed as well. It was the first time I […]

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Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone, I am StephieGurl, or just Stephie. I am a transgender woman, and this is my blog. I envision this blog to be part personal journey, part my philosophical views on the transgender spectrum, particularly the transwoman part of it.

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